b. 1988, Vancouver

La is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer, currently residing in Ho Chi Minh City. 

In 2019, she was an artist in residence at A.Farm, a collaborative project between the Nguyen Art Foundation, Mot+++, and SΓ n Art in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Following that she participated in Silence | Satire, a SΓ n Art collaboration with The Run - A Theatre Project, an experimental workshop to learn and play between theatre and visual art. La holds a BFA in Visual Art & Art History from the University of British Columbia, and further studied / practiced Jewelry Art & Design.

Commercially, La has worked with numerous independent labels, from La’s own (now defunct) contemporary jewelry line to global fashion and design studios. Collectively amounting to over ten years of experience developing brand identities and products. La has collaborated with artists and designers from around the globe to actualize a unified vision; from leading conceptual direction to producing objects and interiors. La has also worked on numerous visual campaignsβ€”art directing, photographing, styling, producing and performing the invisible, albeit equally important labor in-between.

email β€” karenthaonguyenla@gmail.com 

instagram β€” @la_k_la_k

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