1/2. Undressing Ornament, 2016

3. Arc, 2016

Image 1 + 3: Photographed by Jennilee Marigomen 

Styled by Francesa Percival

4/5. Homage to Shapes, Select Images, 2015 

Photographed by Ellyse Anderson 

Styled by Candice Ho Lem 

6. Other (Gesture 1), screenshot of video, 2017

Rough diamond and spinel, in tandem. 

7. D and her grandma's hand, 2017

Pictured on the pinky figure is a ring designed for D & RJ based on their grandma's engagement ring and mutual love of architecture. 

8. Heirloom jewelry from D & RJ's familyโ€”melted down to create the new ring. 

9. For R & her partner, 2018

Recycled gold

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